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How It started

from the early days to current times

The Beginning.

Never stop innovating, always try to be better...

It all started in 1998. CEMax started as both a software solution provider and a consulting company. We developed customer-tailored solutions, and we consulted with companies on how to improve customer service and to be more customer-centric.

We were sometimes implementing solutions from the customer side, and sometimes from the supplier side, always writing notes. The notes were about what customers wanted, and what the project delivered out of the box, how much customization was needed to achieve the customer needs and wants, what complementing solutions were needed. As you can imagine, we wrote many notes.

The notes were a way to track how to be better, always improve, always learn, and give our customers added value. After a few years, we saw that our note count was only getting larger, instead of the solution providers providing an overall customer experience solution, different niche solutions appeared. During these years, consumer demands for better service rose.

The Spark...

One day we had a customer who wanted to upgrade his current solution and offered the job of architecting the solution to our team. The customer had a vision… He wanted to be the best, provide the best customer service, and have the deepest insight into his customers. The vision was electrifying…

Our consulting team started to architect the solution, but soon enough found out that it would take more than six different applications and months of customization to build one holistic solution. Our problems didn’t end there. The upgrade of one solution would affect the overall solution. Then came the life-changing decision… We will build the solution ourselves!!! We will use all of our notes we took over the years and build the best customer experience solution platform. A solution that provides companies with one solution. Companies will be able to handle customer complaints, send surveys, monitor social media, and much more. The solution will allow companies a true omni-channel by allowing them to communicate with customers through all communication types and allow the best BI and analytics tools.

Let’s go to work....

We told the customer our plans and explained our vision and asked him if he wanted to be a part of this journey and be the first company that would implement our new solution. After evaluating the alternatives, he agreed. We took the best team we had to build a large-scale enterprise solution to start developing our solution. With every week, our creation started to take place. At every milestone we would go to our customer and install the developed piece. We sat and analyzed how the solution was working and taking shape. We talked with users who shared their experience (talk about customer feedback, right?). After almost three years and many sleepless nights, our first version was complete. It was everything we wanted.

Going Live... Amazing results...

When our customer started to fully utilize our new solution, he had an idea. He would advertise on all available channels asking customers and noncustomers to complain. The jingle was something like: we at bank X are asking our customers to complain, would like to hear what you have to say… Even if you are not our customer, complain, even about bad traffic or the weather.

The Power of Customer Feedback.

The hard work paid off.

Customer feedback rose by 300%, customers and noncustomers sent feedback about everything. Students complained about not having student-specific loans; other customers complained about different procedures, mailing, even the bank’s commercials.

The good story is that our solution automatically created a workflow for each feedback, everything was routed to the appropriate branch or department. Customers started receiving correspondence from our solution.

Our BI dashboard and analytics tools started sending the bank employees detailed reports on how to improve, what the customers’ needs are, and what their expectations are. Managers had very detailed reporting on how to make customer-based decisions.

Project R.O.I.
Lowering treatment Time 0
Customer Satisfaction 0
Customer Loyalty 0

Hard Work Pays Off

Our solution and the bank's campaign were a huge success.

A few months later the bank won a customer excellence award and also won the second year, until other banks started to use our solution for managing their customers experience.

Since then we have implemented our solution in almost every existing vertical—for finance, insurance, manufacturing, health care, government, automotive, and retail. We never stopped further enhancing our solution capabilities; we now support video chats, feedback from social media like Instagram, and much more. We provide our customers the competitive edge to help their business thrive.

We can only hope that you felt our passion, our love for customer experience, to do what we do best, and give us the opportunity to show you our solution, our years of experience. If you think you’ve seen everything out there, you are in for a surprise.

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