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CEMax solutions help hospitals , medical care centers, and clinics to meet a wide range of challenges.

Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare companies are recognizing that customer retention comes with repeatable, memorable experiences that match individuals’ wants and needs. Today consumers are taking a more active part in Healthcare decision making, and they have multiple interactions with payers that strongly affect those decisions—including which health insurance plans to select, what types of providers to consult, and what treatments to use and where, trying to maximize their Healthcare premium.
With projects in the Healthcare industry with hospitals and HMOs, we help Healthcare organizations become more customer-centric, allowing customers reach the organization through all communication types, including all social media applications, our platform makes sure feedback is treated and analyzed, allowing functions within the organization to monitor and make actionable decisions and have an incredible effect on customer experience and the organization's bottom line.

Quality of Service

The quality of service provided by Healthcare organizations must comply with ethical standards and legal requirements. As a result, most Healthcare organizations are required to monitor and audit the service provided by Healthcare workers.

On the premise/Cloud

Healthcare companies, due to data security and regulations, sometimes require an on-the-premises solution instead on using a cloud solution.

Information Privacy

The Healthcare industry is highly regulated and there are many legal requirements in place to protect the personal and medical data of all patients. Companies need a solution that will keep up with regulation guidelines.

Loyalty and Churn

The increase in loyalty and reduction in churn are strategic goals for any Healthcare organization seeking to maintain and increase revenues from customer-driven services.

Complaint Management

Customer complaints flow in from various hospitals, medical care centers, and clinics in different locations. Healthcare organizations need to make sure that each complaint is handled by the right department and the right person.

Dashboards and Analytics

Healthcare professionals have access to a personalized dashboard. Professionals can analyze specific KPIs, and receive alerts and escalations to resolve bottlenecks and delays.

CEMax solution

A full application suite for the Healthcare companies

A modular application suite that can be implemented on the cloud or installed locally (on-the-premises). Our solution incorporates specific best practices and know-how. A specific project team can customize our solution to your needs. Learn more about CEMax offering:

Full Suite of Applications

Includes built-in complaint management, customer engagement, voice of the customer, and social media monitoring in one application platform and with no third-party add-ons.

True Omni-Channel

Enable customers to contact the organization through all communication types like: email, SMS, MMS, web, phone calls, VM, letters, faxes, social media, mobile, and more.

Automated Feedback Routing

Our adaptive workflow engine will make sure every feedback or complaint is being executed with the right SLA schedule and routed to the right people within the organization. Depending on the complaint type and other properties like location, regulation, customer sentiment, and other important characteristics, the machine learning workflow will create the tasks needed to resolve the complaint, assign the right people to each task, send email and other correspondence to people within the organization and to customers, track that every task will meet its deadline, and execute escalations when needed.

Simplified Communication

Correspondence will be sent automatically depending on the user needs or the workflow task being executed. Enable your employees to communicate directly with customers via our fully featured automatic correspondence engine.

Dashboard and Reports

View key performance indicators, get up-to-date status, open and pending tasks, reports or drill down to analyze data and perform root-cause analysis.

Customer Benefits

How CEMax can improve your customer experience and customer journey

Understanding consumers’ journey

Monitor a member’s interactions with a payer in all key journeys like: finding a doctor, sign-up process, receiving care, and getting answers to questions. The final journey is coverage renewal.

Experience Portal

Deliver personalized dashboards and advanced analytics to managers and other individuals. Automatically receive key performance indicators and actionable customer insight.

Measuring satisfaction

Measuring satisfaction along each end-to-end journey, rather than at discrete touchpoints only, gives a payor a more comprehensive understanding of its members’ experience and of what matters most to which customers.

Standardize Service Activities:

Streamline your services based on specific organization procedures, processes, and policies.

Reliable, Field-Proven Technology

Our innovative technology solutions are based on stable and reliable technology. Our solutions are already in use by major Healthcare organizations, clinics, and more.

Consistent User Experience

CEMax modules are highly adaptive and can easily be modified to keep pace with growing customer experience needs and requirements.

Hear from CEMax about our healthcare offering

Learn from CEMax how to become more customer-centric, reduce churn, gain a competitive advantage, and gain customer insight. Learn how the CEMax solution can differentiate your organization from the competition

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