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CEMax solutions help large retail chains including sportswear, home goods and furniture stores to meet a wide range of challenges.

Retail Challenges

The retail industry is one of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors. The industry's impact on the end consumer can ever be understated. With this in mind, the part played by customer experience in shaping the customer’s journey and delighting them is of highest prominence. Retailers find it hard to actually create a standout experiences that, in turn, drive customers and revenue to their stores.
For many years, customers buying decisions were more or less based on the price or product. A wide range of products, having a well-stocked inventory, selling for cheaper prices than your competitors often guaranteed success. In today’s market, customers are no longer accepting a mediocre experience and are willing to pay more to get a good one. Customer experience is the game-changer. Failing to invest in improving customer experience will result in customer churn. A favorable customer experience holds an amazing opportunity for retailers to build a customer-centric organization.

Shopping Experience

Deliver an outstanding shopping experience to increase customer satisfaction, strengthen word-of-mouth marketing, and generate repeat business.

Omni-channel approach

Retailers need to create a single, unified platform that offers a smooth, holistic customer experience across all touchpoints while eliminating the concept of individual customer channels if they want to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Brand Reputation

A key goal of retailers is to minimize risk and exposure caused by complaints posted in the media and on consumer websites.

Understanding the Customer

Understanding the customer has become an issue for the retail industry. Not only do you have to make an actual effort to learn who your customers are, but you’re also dealing with people whose buying habits change dynamically.

Root-Cause Analysis

Identify and correct the root cause of a negative customer experience before it affects other customers.

Complaint Management

Customer complaints flow in from various stores in different locations. To ensure a high level of customer service, retailers need to communicate with a large number of branches and get accurate, up-to-date information about customer complaints.

CEMax solution

A full application suite for retailers

A modular application suite that can be implemented on the cloud or installed locally (on-the-premises). Our solution incorporates retail-specific best practices and know-how. A specialized project team can customize our solution to your needs. Learn more about the CEMax offering:

Full Suite of Applications

Includes built-in complaint management, customer engagement, voice of the customer, and social media monitoring in one application platform and with no third-party add-ons.

True Omni-Channel

Enable customers to contact the organization through all communication types like: Email, SMS, MMS, web, phone calls, voicemail, letters, faxes, social media, mobile, and more.

Automated Feedback Routing

Our adaptive workflow engine will make sure every feedback or complaint is being executed with the right SLA schedule and routed to the right people within the organization. Depending on the complaint type and other properties like location, regulation, customer sentiment, and other important characteristics the machine learning workflow will create the tasks needed to resolve the complaint, assign the right people to each task, send email and other correspondence to people within the organization and customers, track that every task will meet its deadline and execute escalations when needed.

Simplified Communication

Correspondence will be sent automatically depending on the user needs or the workflow task being executed. Enable your employees to communicate directly with customers via our full-featured automatic correspondence engine.

Dashboard and Reports

View key performance indicators, get up-to-date status, open and pending tasks, reports or drill down to analyze data and perform root cause analysis.

Customer Benefits

How CEMax can improve your Customer Experience and Customer Journey

Get a 360° Perspective

Identify areas of improvement across all stores, departments, and services to ensure a consistent customer experience for all customers. Have actionable information at your fingertips.

Experience Hub

Each store and department has direct access to personalized key performance indicators, dashboards, and feedback data.

Improve Products and Services

Gain insight about customer needs and wants, identify product defects, and learn about the features your customers value. Understand the reasons behind feedback scores and reduce customer interaction time.

Strengthen Store Loyalty

Create an exceptional shopping experience with a fully featured high quality customer experience solution.

Reliable, Field Proven Technology

Our innovative technology solutions are based on stable and reliable technology. Our solutions are already in use by major retailers, large scale financial institutions, healthcare and insurance companies.

Fast and Efficient Response

Enable customers to interact with stores via any device or application to ensure a fast and effective response to service requests and complaints.

Hear from CEMax about our solution offering for retailers

Learn from CEMax how to become more customer-centric, reduce churn, gain competitive advantage, and gain customer insight. Learn how CEMax solution can differentiate your company from the competition.

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CEMax’s solutions for the Retail Industry

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Voice of the Customer
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Case Management
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Advanced case management supporting all communication types

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Social Monitor
Social Media Monitoring
CEM Solutions

Monitor your brand mentions on social media

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Knowledge Management
Solutions Addon

Empower employees and customers with right information at the right time

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Email Management
CEC Solutions

Simplify email management, boost service responsiveness

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NPS Dashboard
EFM Solutions
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Act on customer feedback to deliver continuous improvement

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Customer Engagement
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