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A critical success factor of any CEM project is the ability to meet customer requirements and expectations


Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of CEMax technologies and work processes based on dozens of implementation projects for a wide range of industries. The CEMax team assumes full responsibility for all project implementation activities throughout the project life cycle. A critical success factor of any CEM project is the ability to meet customer requirements and expectations, on time and within budget. To achieve these goals, CEMax uses a proven methodology that covers the complete project life cycle from initial planning and design, to development, quality assurance, installation, customer handoff, maintenance, and support. Our project implementation methodology ensures a predictable implementation effort with minimal disruption to business operations.

Planning and Design

The goal of the planning phase is to make sure that the CEMax team knows what needs to be done to achieve customer objectives. This phase involves face-to-face meetings in which the CEMax team can learn, share, and clarify any information about customer needs and expectations. During the planning and design phase, the CEMax team undertakes a detailed site survey to coordinate expectations and identify customer-specific workflow processes, procedures, or other customization needs that may have an impact on project implementation. The system design phase involves the design and approval of an overall solution architecture that complies with the functional and operational requirements of the customer. This stage also involves the development of a complete customer experience model based on predefined workflows, procedures, feedback mechanisms, and reporting requirements.


Software Customization

The software customization phase enables customers to tailor CEMax applications to meet specific needs and operational requirements. During the customization phase, the CEMax development team prepares detailed system specification documents that describe inputs, data flows, outputs, and user interface design requirements. When the system specifications are approved, CEMax prepares a formal Scope of Work plan that contains implementation activities, delivery schedules, and commitments for each of the defined deliverables. The development activities during the customization stage include programming, unit testing, debugging, and overall quality assurance activities to ensure that all customer requirements are implemented into a product that meets customer expectations.

System Integration

CEMax provides high quality integration and assimilation services to make sure that every aspect of your new system works as you intended. Our software engineers work on-site to ensure a smooth integration and assimilation effort for all your system users. Our experienced team of professionals can handle projects of all sizes with no hassle, predictable deployment effort, and minimum downtime of operations. The activities of the system integration phase include: site preparation, system installation, Site Acceptance Tess (SAT), integration with existing applications and legacy databases, and assimilation of new system with system administrators.


Training Workshops

Training plays a critical role in the successful deployment and ongoing operation of your CEMax solution. That is why CEMax offers a wide range of role-based training services to ensure that users at all service levels gain a full understanding of application features, workflows, and procedures. CEMax delivers professional, high quality training services customized for different users, including system administrators, support staff, and IT professionals. Our training methodology ensures a 100-percent adoption rate of your CEMax solution and full utilization of application features, workflows, and procedures.

Maintenance and Support

CEMax ensures ongoing, fault-free operation of your CEMax solution with an extensive range of maintenance services. CEMax offers both remote and on-site maintenance services including periodic software updates, hot fixes, and service packs. CEMax also ensures that your solution is up-to-date with new or evolving policies, security requirements, third-party applications and mobile devices. To ensure a high level of performance, CEMax offers a wide range of technical support services including unlimited support tickets, fast, 24/7 response time for telephone support, and direct access to product support engineers. CEMax also delivers expert migration services, performance analysis, and on-site or remote incident resolution services.


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