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Feedback is an important part of the real time, adaptive enterprise that is able to react quickly to changes in the environment. However, before an enterprise can manage the experience, it needs to have a customer-centric vision and strategy as well as the right collaborative culture for delivery. Enterprises also need the support of customer processes, information, technology and enterprise metrics to deliver it consistently....

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The idea at the center of CRM can be stated in the following way: Every time a company and a customer interact, the company learns something about the customer. By capturing, sharing, analyzing and acting upon this information, companies can better manage individual customer profitability...

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An enterprise's reputation — its brand — is no longer built solely via mass media. It is also built at customer touch points. Whenever customers come into contact with an enterprise, they experience what it is like to deal with that organization and form an opinion — good, bad or indifferent...

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