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Have the Best Competitive Advantage

When Technology, Experience and Passion Unite

Innovative Technology

CEMax’s platform is the only solution incorporating a holistic CEM solution supporting a true omni-channel approach.

Customer Experience Experts

With over 16 years of customer experience consulting, we will make sure our technology works best for your organization

Success Guaranteed

CEMax’s implementation methodology allows us to provide a letter of guarantee that covers the project success KPI factors.

Want to learn how the CEMax solution can affect your organization?

Contact us for a personalized demo and a conversation. We will discuss current architecture and a proposed project plan, sharing industry specific R.O.I.s

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All Your Needs Under One Roof

We Supply a Turnkey Project, from System Analysis to Ongoing Support

System Analysis

We will site-survey your needs, current infrastructure, and propose a project plan


Any needed customization will be performed by qualified CEMax personnel


CEMax will implement the solution within your organization, providing a single point of contact


24/7 support teams will make sure your mission-critical application is up and running

Hear from CEMax Founder About Why You Should Choose CEMax

Hear Ziv Riezman, CEMax’s founder, describe what makes the CEMax offering so unique, why he feels comfortable providing an implementation guarantee.

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CEMax’s Innovative Technology Provides You with a Competitive Edge

An all-in-one solution providing all of your customer experience needs, from Complaint Management to Customer Feedback

Use the best technology to your advantage, connect with customers in all communication types and all social media, plus incorporate the latest video technology. Connect the entire organization to the Experience Portal, get deeper insight from stored information, and have KPI Keeper automatically watch your business performance.


Results-Driven Project, Measurable R.O.I., Well-Defined KPIs and Success Factors

Every project contains goals and objectives. The success of a project is not going live, but making a difference

CEMax’s project success means seeing improvement in all customer experience related KPIs and proving a measurable R.O.I. to managers and stakeholders. To achieve that, we set goals prior to starting the project. Our implementation methodology, which was developed over years of success, is what makes sure these goals will be delivered within the project scope.


Our Team, Our Commitment, Our Innovative Mindset

CEMax's Mission Statement is: “To provide enterprises with the ultimate tool for managing their customers’ experiences.”

We’ve always thought that having the best technology was only the starting point. Customers told us that they bought our solution because they saw the spark in our eyes when we talked, they felt safe and knew that we would deliver what we promised. We would like to share some of our core values.

Deliver Uncompromised Results

We are in the same boat; we both want to succeed. We both want to serve our customers better so it is always a win-win situation. This is what our project managers are focused on during a project—the actual success of a project. The financial aspect of the project is what enables us to keep going, but is not the main goal.

``If Someone Gives You a Dollar, Give Back Two``

“If Someone Gives You a Dollar, Give Back Two.” This is what CEMax’s founder father told him. This belief became one of the building blocks of CEMax. With every project, we aim to give more: give the best technology, our knowledge, and our commitment. We haven’t had any project below 100% R.O.I.

Be the Best at What You Do

Your trust in us has a very deep meaning. We believe you should have the best technology to serve your clients, you should have a positive return on investment. We want to earn your trust and built a long-term relationship. This is why we heavily invest in R&D, training employees, working with the best consultants and research firms, and improving our implementation methodology.

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